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amazing DVD!

Essential landing tips and tricks!

Master PPG 4
Advanced Landing DVD
by Jeff Goin
71 minutes
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$35 $29.95

Produced by Jeff Goin, the author of the PPG Bible, Advanced Landing is the fourth and final DVD in a series of videos for experienced pilots, revealing the techniques pros use to land in a wide variety of challenging locations. Master PPG 4 deconstructs the landing into it's most basic elements, discussing the fundamentals and advanced techniques. The DVD then uses those principles to describe procedures for landing in every imaginable location including a detailed section on flying at airports.

This DVD is not meant for beginners. Although it starts with some review, like all the Advanced PPG videos, Master PPG 4 is for pilots with at least 60 flights who are very comfortable in the air.

  • aerodynamics of landings
  • many ways to flare
  • competition spot landings
  • landing in small areas
  • landing power on and power off
  • landing on wheels
  • landing in a cross wind
  • emergency landings
  • how to practice landings

Advanced Landing was produced by Jeff Goin with contributions from a long list of the most experienced pilots in powered paragliding, including Lite Touch Films.

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