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master ppg 2
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master ppg 2
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Master PPG 2
Advanced Launching DVD
by Jeff Goin
101 minutes
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$35 $29.95

Produced by Jeff Goin, the author of the PPG Bible, Advanced Launching is the second in a series of four videos for experienced pilots, revealing the techniques pros use to get their paramotors airborne in tough conditions, every time. The tips you'll learn will significantly improve your success in launching your powered paraglider.

This DVD is not meant for beginners. Although it starts with some review, like all the Advanced PPG videos, Master PPG 2 is for pilots with at least 20 flights who are comfortable with the basics of launching. Master PPG 1, Advanced Ground Handling, is highly recommended as a prerequisite. However, even if you aren't ready to learn advance techniques, you can always purchase any of the Master PPG DVDs to see what's possible.

  • light wind foot launch techniques
  • high wind foot launch techniques
  • extreme wheel launch techniques
  • wheel precious taxi techniques
  • tandem launch techniques

Advanced Launching was produced by Jeff Goin with contributions from a long list of the most experienced pilots in powered paragliding, including Lite Touch Films.

Remember, if you can't launch, you can't fly. Get inspired. Take your powered paragliding launches to the next level with Master PPG 2

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Master PPG 2 Trailer
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