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Starting Powered Paragliding? Start here.
Starting Powered Paragliding
Start with the Risk and Reward DVD, the truth about the Risks in PPG and how to avoid them. A must for all pilots! Hosted by William Shatner. The Powered Paragliding Bible is the bible of PPG, everthing you need to know. Don't miss the Bound for Glory documentary and see a real life paramotoring adventure and world first. Airspace for Ultralights is the complete guide to what you can and cannot do with an ultralight in the United States. Check the combo's page for deals!
Risk and Reward
What you need to know
70 minutes
$29.95 on sale
PPG Bible5
The complete PPG Resource
author Jeff Goin
Check Combos combos...
Bound for Glory new!
Morning Glory Wave Cloud
63 minutes
$9.95 on sale
Airspace and Law new!
for ultralights in the USA
126 minutes
$34.95 on sale
Master Powered Paragliding
Once you've started flying, the Master PPG Advanced series with take your skills to the next level for maximum enjoyment in powered paragliding. Check the combo's page for deals!
      Master Powered Paragliding 3 In Flight Precision   Master Powered Paragliding 3 In Flight Precision  
Master PPG 1
Advanced Ground Handling
101 minutes
$29.95 on sale
Master PPG 2
Advanced Launching
101 minutes
$29.95 on sale
Master PPG 3
In Flight Precision
151 minutes
$29.95 on sale
Master PPG 4
Advanced Landing
71 minutes
$29.95 on sale
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