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Foot Launch Wheels Packages Buyer's Guide
Paramotor Wheels
SkyMax and LowBoy Quads, and the 4-Stroke
quad low boy
LowBoy Quad
SkyMax LowBoy Quad
4 Stroke Pod
4 Stroke on a LowBoy Trike
4 Stroke Pod Quad
4 Stroke on a LowBoy Quad
4 Stroke Pod
4 Stroke Short Belt Version

Easy and Safe
The LowBoy makes launching a paramotoring easy and safe. In fact, some instructors teach foot launching on the LowBoy first before transitioning students to foot launch because it's so easy! That's not what we do, however, because we feel foot launchers should focus on foot launching.

The 4 wheel revolution!
Seen any 3 wheel ATVs lately? Not likely because they are dangerous. As 4 wheels revolutionized ATVs, they also revolutionized powered paragliding. The LowBoy Quad is the easiest and safest way to launch. With 4 wheels, yes you could still flip over, but not as quick as you will on 3 wheels.

A Riser Assist - Hands off launches
With the optional A Riser-Assist $55, just go to full throttle and steer. You don't have to touch the risers.

Fits most Paramotors
The LowBoy attaches in minutes to most paramotors. The LowBoy also dettaches in minutes, allowing you to footlaunch at a moment's notice.

Low Center of Gravity
Aside from the stability of 4 wheels, the LowBoy has a super low center of gravity, making it super stable. Yet it still has over a foot of ground clearance. No rocks hitting your prop!

Strong and Simple
The LowBoy is incredibly strong Chrome Molly steel construction with fiberglass axles for smooth suspension. Easy straight axle steering and high speed wheel bearings can handle the roughest terrain and sand. For super deep sand, add the optional Rolleze wheels for $250.

Sports Car Seating
Instead of a confining and complicated harness, the LowBoy features a comfortable bucket seat. No harness. Just click your seat belt and go!

Easy Loading!
The rear super strong fiberglass suspension axles slide in instantly reducing the LowBoy to only 4 feet wide for easy loading in a pickup or small trailer. The LowBoy packs up in minutes for shipping.

4 Stroke Generac
4 Stroke engines have some advantages over 2 stroke engines but most are too heavy to foot launch. However, if you are on wheels, the 4 Stroke becomes a possibility. A 4 Stroke generator engine made by Generac is being used to power some quads. These engines provide reliable smooth power, fuel efficiency, and low sound output. And you don't have to mix the oil and gas. The 4 Stroke is a option to consider if you are only going to wheel launch and you want a lot of power.

  2014 LowBoy Quad    
  2014 SkyMax Quad $1395  
  2014 LowBoy Quad $1495  
  Tandem LowBoy Seat $400  
  Customer Color Option $300  
  A-Riser Assist $55  
  Line Guides $25  
  Rolleze Tires Option $250  
  Rolleze Tires, each $119  
  2014 4-Stroke Generac    
  4-Stroke Trike $5600  
  4-Stroke SkyMax Quad $5800  
  4-Stroke LowBoy Quad $5900  
  4 stroke V-twin 32hp fan-cooled Generac engine standard  
  engine upgrade to 42 hp $300  
  68 inch Prop standard  
  Upgrade to Three Blade Prop, up to 73 inches $300  
  Battery standard  
  Automotive style copper battery cables standard  
  Alternator standard  
  Throttle standard  
  5 Gal Fuel Tank standard  
  Attachment straps with Steel Carabiners standard  
  Twin low tone exhaust standard  
  A assist system standard  
  Velcro Style Netting standard  
  Long belt drive reduction standard  
  Double rear suspension axel standard  
  Electric starter standard  
  Automotive type keyed ignition standard  
  Durable powder coat finish standard  
  Comfort seat, back rest, lap seat belt standard  
  6 inchAluminum wheels standard  
  Tundar Tires (each) $75  

Do you really NEED wheels?
We get a lot of calls from pilots who want to switch from foot launching to wheels. After a more in depth conversation, it is often the case that reason they want to switch is because either the paramotor they bought is too heavy, the wing is poor quality, the instruction was poor, or some combination of these. Before you switch to wheels, check with us to make sure you are making the best decision. And before you buy foot launching gear, make sure it's the lightest gear you can afford, a certified wing from a leading manufacturer, and get good instruction!

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