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flyproducts rider thrust
flyproducts rider thrust
Fly Products Thrust Paramotor
Fly Products Thrust Paramotor

Fly Products Rider Thrust

The New Rider Thrust
The Rider Thrust has a new weight shift system. We don't have photos up yet, except for these two on the left that show the new weight shift bars. These new weight shift system is fantastic with features never seen before on a paramotor.. quick release pins for fast and easy harness removal, and adjustable length weight shift bars for different sized pilots. More photos available shortly.

Why the Rider Thrust
There are many excellent Fly Products paramotor models. We singled out the Rider Thrust because we feel it offers unique value and performance for the mid size to large size pilot. Here are the highlights:

light weight   new system only 54.5 lbs **
solid strength   strong aluminum frame and cage
proven reliability   Vittorazi Moster 185 cc plus engine
excellent handling   low torque twist, easy launching
high quailty   fit and finish, details, and comfort
many options   configure and change as needed
great value   nicely equipped starting at $7450
**   54.5 pounds with carbon propellor option. With standard wood propellor 56 pounds.

Light Weight - 54.5 lbs
There are many paramotors that use the Moster 185. The Rider Thrust is one of the lightest. Yet the Thrust does not sacrifice strength and features. In fact, the Thrust offers more options and features than most. 54.5 pounds with carbon propellor option. 56 pounds with standard wood propellor.

Solid Strength - frame and cage
The Thrust frame and cage is one of the most robust available. Though no paramotor is indestructable, the Thrust's sturdy frame helps prevent damage from a fall during launch or a hard landing. The cage webbing utilizes a tight weave increasing strength and protection from the propellor. Transport can also be hard on a paramotor. The solid design of the Thrust makes it a good choice for those rough off road adventures.

Proven Reliability - Moster 185 Plus
The Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus is a remarkable breakthrough in power to weight ratio. Though no paramotor engine is as reliable as a Toyota, since the Moster was introduced several years ago, initial issues have been addressed and the enginenow has an excellent track record, featuring smooth and quiet operation.

Excellent Handling - new and advanced pilots
The Thrust is a great first motor because it's so easy to launch and fly. But can also be a super responsive paramotor for the advanced pilot. The standard new weight shift system makes the paramotor easy to ground handle, get airborne, and fly. The choice of harness sizes and adjustments makesthe transition from running to sitting effortless during takeoff. The Thrust is a competition class paramotor with super responsive yet solid maneuvering.

High Quality - fit and finish, details, and comfort
From the carbon fiber cage spokes to the detailed user manual, it's clear that Fly Products has high quality standards. The harness, for example, is amazingly comfortable, in part because of the plush yet lightweight design, but also due to availability of different sizes. In the air, sitting in the Thrust is relaxing and you feel almost no vibration. Assembling the Thrust, you will find that all the parts fit together precisely and easily. The assembly process is well thought out.

Many Options - configure and change as needed
The Thrust has several options. The decision process for these options require an understanding of a complex set of pros and cons for each unique situation. Please call for advice.

  Cage Options    
  Single Ring Cage Standard  
  Double Ring Cage $150  
  Propeller Options    
  Wood 125 cm Standard  
  Helix Carbon 2 blade 125 cm $160  
  Helix Carbon 3 blade 125 cm $350  
  Helix Carbon 2 blade 130 cm *** $160  
  Helix Carbon 3 blade 130 cm *** $350  
  *** 130 cm props require single ring cage    

Propellors and Harness systems can be purchased separately after the initial purchase of the paramotor. However, the cage type, single or double hoop, must be choosen during the initial purchase. Most new pilots choose the standard system.

The weights below are for the single ring cage and high hang point. Add 1 pound for the double ring cage and 1 pound for low hang point weight shift.

Fly Products Rider Thrust
model engine power drive clutch starter hang system propeller frame weight price
Fly Products                    
Rider Thrust Plus 185 cc 25 hp belt yes flash low ws wood, carbon option aluminum 55 lbs $7000

* manufacturer's specifications

Fly Production Case
Optional carrying case sold separately.
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