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William Shatner
Master Powered Paragliding 1
Learn to fly!  

"Get good instruction."

That's advice from William Shatner, featured in Risk and Reward, the number one most important DVD video from Lite Touch Films. A paramotor is an aircraft. Would you fly a Cessna without proper instruction?

Like many other introductory courses, Level 1 Master Powered Paragliding for foot launching or wheel launching provides the skills and knowledge you need to confidently and safely fly on your own. However, Master Powered Paragliding is not a budget course. The 10 day program is one of the most comprehensive and expensive available. Master PPG is geared towards serious enthusiasts who have the time and money to pursue this amazing form of aviation to the limit.

Maximum of 3 students per instructor. Space is limited, typically full several months in advance. Course schedule and training emphasis is customized for each student's needs and goals. You'll have two months to get through the course.

Learning to fly a powered paraglider looks easy so why pay for training? One Fresh Breeze dealer in the US offers free training when you purchase a wing designed in 1997, the Power Altas. If you survive the very brief training session, you'll realize you need a new wing so you won't actually save money.

You could also teach yourself. There are no license or certification requirements to fly paramotors in the United States. Make sure you have good health and life insurance.

Lite Touch is based in sunny San Diego. We can also send an instructor almost anywhere in the world to train you at your location.

Lite Touch Films is not the only source for good instruction. There are other excellent instructors out there. When looking for an instructor, ask for references. Better yet, go to their training field, watch them train and talk with their students. If you need a suggestion for a good instructor in your area, call us.

Risk and Reward DVD and the Powered Paragliding Bible are your minimum basic training materials for learning to fly.

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Risk and Reward
A must!
70 minutes
$29.95 on sale
PPG Bible
Complete Resource
author Jeff Goin
$34.95 on sale
Bound for Glory
Amazing adventure
63 minutes
$9.95 on sale
USA Ultralight Rules
126 minutes
$34.95 on sale
phil russman cactus climbing paragliding
"Advanced instruction
changed the sport for me forever!"
Master Powered Paragliding 2 $50/hr**
Experienced pilots who want to take it to the next level  

You'll get the most out of the Master Powered Paragliding 2 course after you have at least a year of flying experience. Newer pilots won't benefit because they don't have the skill and knowledge required to build on. Learn cross country flying, spot landings, low flying, pylon flying, short field launching, and more. Customize the course to focus on what's important to you. One student per instructor. 3 hour minimum. One day of Master PPG 2 is included in Master PPG 1 course.

** 3 hour minimum.

Master Powered Paragliding DVD Series...

Master Powered Paragliding 3 In Flight Precision
Master Powered Paragliding 3 In Flight Precision
Master PPG 1
Ground Handling
101 minutes
regular $35
$29.95 on sale
Master PPG 2
101 minutes
regular $35
$29.95 on sale
Master PPG 3
In Flight Precision
151 minutes
regular $35
$29.95 on sale
Master PPG 4
71 minutes
regular $35
$29.95 on sale
phil on glide  
PPG to PG Transition $200/day
Discover the magic of soaring and free flight paragliding  
Already flying a PPG? The magic of freeflight is closer than you can imagine. Get your USHPA P2 rating. You must already be a proficent ground handler and make spot landings to within 50 feet of a target. The lower $200 per day rate is because the paragliding instruction days are shorter. Video...
PG to PPG Transition $400/day
Very popular with flat land fliers  

Already paragliding? You already know 80% of what you need to know to start flying with a paramotor. Now learn the rest of it...

  Learn to launch a paramotor
  Learn power on and power off landings
  Learn low flight, ground skimming
  Learn to how to practice and progress on your own
  Learn basic motor maintenance and trouble shooting
  Learn the most important part of paramotoring, propeller safety

Proficiency in paragliding and ground handling is required to sign up for this course. Typically a P2 or equivilent is the minimum requirement. This course can be done in one day if you are a proficient paragliding ground handler and flyer.


"The Pattern" from the PPG Bible

Instructor Certification $2500
Share the gift of flight  

Learn the easiest, most comprehensive, PPG instruction program on the planet. Whether you are a new or experienced instructor, you'll learn how to teach faster and improve safety.

Do not ever try to teach unless you have the proper experience and training equipment. Help preserve this precious sport for everyone.

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