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Pop-Off Pressure

Pop-Off pressure is the pressure at which the needle valve will open to let the fuel to enter the metering chamber. That's the short answer. The pop-off pressure required depends on the carburetor and engine.

If the pop-off pressure is too high, it can lead to fuel starvation especially at high RPM, which leads to overheating and possibly seizure.

If the pop-off pressure is too low, the carburetor will flood, especially at low and mid RPM, making it difficult to restart a warm engine.

Every carburetor has a different pop-off pressure setting. Some carburetors on new paramotors are not set correctly. In fact, one manufacturer didn't even know what the correct pop-off pressure should be on their own engine!

The majority of paramotors will have a pop-off pressure around 10 psi to 12 psi. You can build a pop-off pressure gauge with an automotive cooling system pressure tester along with a couple of extra parts.

spring   Adjusting pop-off pressure is accomplished by changing the carb spring length. The following photos give you an idea of the process of taking apart a carb, testing the pressure, and cutting the spring.
  Pop-off pressure measured with a automotive cooling system pressure tester.
carb   Pop-off pressure here is almost 20 PSI, too high so cut the spring. Make the cuts small so you don't cut too much off.
  Taking the carb apart.
  The carb diaphram.
  Removing the carb diaphram.
  More small parts to carefully remove.
  Don't drop the screw or you are screwed.
  Almost there.
  There's that stupid spring.
  Cutting the spring.
  Sizing this rediculous little spring correctly is the difference between a glorious flight and cursing at your paramotor.
  Putting it back together. Patience grasshopper.
  More patience.
  Still more patience.
carb   Almost back together. Then test the pressure again and repeat the above steps if the pressure is still to high bceause you didn't cut the spring enough. If you cut the spring too much, the pressure will be too low and you'll have to stretch the spring or buy another one. After a few sessions of this you will be ready to take up free flight.
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