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GIN Combi Reserve Container  
GIN Combi Container $125  

Outer rescue container combined with flight deck, adjustable for easy viewing of instruments. Innovative rescue handle allows rescue to be deployed with either hand.

Weight: 400 gm

Size S: Yeti 27, 35, 40

Size M: Yeti 50, One G 38 and 42

GIN Outer Reserve Container  
GIN Outer Container $85  

Outer rescue parachute container with velco cockpit.

Weight: 250 gm

One size.

Suitable for One G 38 and 42, Yeti 40, Beamer 3, Beamer 3 light

Genie X Alps Container  
GIN Genie X Alps Reserve Container $75  

Lightweight Genie X Alps external container mounts your light rescue parachute in front position on your harness.

Option 1: integrated hang strap and bridle

The integrated bridle and hang strap enables you to neatly and conveniently attach the rescue to your main carabiners without requiring an additional bridle.

Option 2: hang strap only

The hang strap attaches the container to your main carabiners and your harness bridal (or optional bridal if you need one) attaches your rescue to the shoulder attachment points of your harness.

Weight: 190 gm

GIN Yeti Rescue Bridle  
GIN Yeti Rescue Bridle $75  

Light "Y" Dyneema bridle to connect a single rescue riser to the shoulders or to the main carabiners of your harness. The shortest 80 cm is to connect to the main canopy carabiners. The longest 125 cm is to connect the shoulders strap if these ones have specific rescue attachment points.

Weight: 40 gm

Sizes: 125 cm, 80 cm

Gin Rescue Bridle  
GIN Rescue Bridle $55  

Y-bridles to connect a single riser rescue parachute (like the One G) to the shoulder straps of your harness.

Weight: 150 gm

Sizes: 125 cm, 155 cm

Gin Tandem Rescue Bridle  
GIN Tandem Rescue Bridle $65  

The Tandem Rescue bridle is the perfect length to use with the Safari pilot harness, and it comes with an attached extra webbing that pulls in the "B" and "C" risers of the main canopy in the event of a reserve deployment. Technisangles 20mm Dyneema webbing.

Weight: 29 gm

Length: 2.2 m

Gin 30mm Carabiner Pair  
GIN 30 mm Carabiner pair $50  

ZICRAL 30mm self-locking automatic carabiner. Individually tested to 1000 daN Suitable for 30mm webbing connections between paraglider and harness.

Weight: 66 gm

GIN 40mm Carabiner Pair  
GIN 40 mm Carabiner pair $50  

40mm automatic Zircal aluminium carabiners: the autolock moves up for an easier and wider opening.

Weight: 60 gm

Breaking Strength: 2766 kgf

Advance Carabiner Pair  
Advance Carabiner pair $80  

The Powerfly carabiner is approved by the DHV to be used with mono and tandem paragliders. They are sold as a pair. The Powerfly carabiner needs to be changed after 1,500 hours in flight. (500 hours for Parafly aluminium carabiners)

The carabiner must not be used and must be replaced if:

- the gate will not close or secure itself on its own
- there is evidence of damage (cracks, distortion etc)
- the carabiner has been overheated or overloaded
- the total flight time of 1,500 hours has been exceeded

GIN 8mm Rescue Carabiners  
GIN 8 mm Rescue Carabiner pair $30  

GIN rescue carabiners 8mm Stainless Steel screwgate connector rectangular type maillon. To connect the rescue parachute to the harness.

Weight: 61 gm

Size: 8 mm

GIN Yeti Harness Carabiners  
GIN Yeti Harness Carabiner pair $50  

5mm Stainless Steel maillon rapide. Breaking strengh 1625 daN. Light carabiners to connect between a moutain glider equipped with thin dyneema risers or spreaders with a Yeti harness. Sold by the pair.

Weight: 26 gm

Size: 5 mm

GIN 7mm Rescue Carabiner  
GIN 7 mm Rescue Carabiner Trapezoid $17  

GIN rescue carabiners 7mm Stainless Steel screwgate connector trapezoid type maillon. To connect the rescue parachute to the harness.

Weight: 62 gm

Size: 7 mm

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