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beamer 3 light   What is a reserve?
A Reserve is light weight parachute system that serves as back up for paragliding and powered paragliding .About 3 to 5 pounds, these reserves are optimized to open very quickly at low speeds.

Why do I need a reserve?
Reserves are intended as a backup in the event that your wing sustains an unrecoverable malfunction. These incidents are extremely rare and the most occur during aerobatics or very thermic conditions, and are more likely on high aspect ratio wings.

Who flies with a reserve?
Currently, 50% of paramotor pilots fly with reserves, while 99% of paraglider pilots fly with reserves. Paraglider pilots fly in dynamic air in search of lift, hence more risk. Paramotor pilots avoid mid day thermals and usually fly in calm conditions and therefore many feel they are less likely to need a reserve. Some motor pilots resist adding a reserve because of weight, agruing that it makes foot launching more challenging. However, with the introduction of new light weight reserves, more paramotor pilots are flying with reserves.

What are the chances I will need a reserve?
Most pilots will never see their reserve except once a year when they do their annual practice deployment, followed by a repack. So why have one? Reserves have saved lives. Think of a reserve as cheap insurance you’ll probably never need. It's all about peace of mind.

How does a reserve work?
Designing a parachute that opens quickly at low speeds is not trivial. But low speeds and quick deployment is exactly what you need if you have a malfunction at 70 feet. After years of research, it turns out that the best solution is a hand deployed specially designed chute with a long bridal. You actually throw it!

Which reserve should I get?
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