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Compare Communications
Compare the differences in these communication systems to help you choose which one is best for you. There is a lot of information here, but it's presented clearly and if you take your time, it will all make sense.
  Standard Com Deluxe Com SMH10R BlueTooth 20S BlueTooth
manufacturer NAC NAC Sena Sena
sold separately - - $165 $270
sold separately with earcups $250 $390 $300 -
earcups manufacturer Carbon Optic Carbon Optic Peltor Peltor
noise canceling microphone yes yes yes yes
push to talk either earcup either earcup yes yes
connect to 2-way radios yes yes SR10 adaptor SR10 adaptor
aviation radio compatible - yes yes yes
side tone - yes yes yes
music input - mono $30 stereo stereo
Bluetooth version - - 3.0 4.1
Bluetooth intercom range - - 900 meters 2000 meters
universal intercom - - yes yes
Bluetooth intercom participants - - 4 8
Bluetooth intercom music sharing - - yes yes
Bluetooth handsfree mobile phones - - yes yes
Bluetooth pairing for dual mobile phones - - yes yes
connect to Bluetooth audio devices - - yes yes
connect to Bluetooth GPS devices - - yes yes
conference phone call on intercom - - yes yes
music play, pause, forward, back - - yes yes
integrated audio booster - - yes yes
speed dialing - - yes yes
water resistant in inclement weather - - yes yes
crystal clear natural sound quality - - yes yes
advanced noise control - - yes yes
individual volume control for audio sources - - yes yes
battery - 9 volt lithium lithium
charge time - - 2.5 hours 2.5 hours
talk time - - 10 hours 13 hours
use while charging - - yes yes
firmware upgradeable - - yes yes
2 year warranty - - yes yes
voice command interface - - yes yes
Bluetooth audio recording gopro option - - yes yes
Bluetooth audio recording action cam option - - yes yes
Sena app iphone/android - - yes yes
motion sensor shake interface - - - yes
audio multitasking - - - yes
handlebar remote option - - - yes
built in FM radio 10 preset memory - - - yes
NAC Ear Pro
A powered paragliding helmet must not only offer protection from head injury, it must also offer hearing protection. Most motorcyle helmets do not provide enough sound protection, but Peltor Ear Cups provide amazing sound reduction.
standard com  
NAC Standard Com
The NAC Standard Com provides the most important function of a com system, a connection with a two-way radio. Transmission and reception are super clear. The Standard Com includes one radio connector of your choice, compatible with most radios. The Push To Talk button (PTT) can be located on the left or right ear cup. Order the PTT on the opposite side from your throttle.

deluxe com

NAC Deluxe Com
The NAC Deluxe Com adds 3 features to the Standard Com: side tone, aviation compatibility, and music.
  Aviation Radios for Powered Paragliding   Deluxe Com Music Adaptor
  Deluxe Com music adaptor

Side tone allows you to hear yourself while transmitting, helps you speak at the correct volume to avoid over modulation but loud enough. Many pilots do without side tone, though it is helpful for newer pilots.

Aviation radios are rarely used in powered paragliding. However, if you fly at an airport or congested airspace, you may need the Deluxe Com, compatible with many aviation radios including Icom and Vertex. The General Aviation 2 pin connector enables you to use a helmet with GA intercoms.

Music input on the Deluxe Com is RCA mono. The Deluxe Com Music Adaptor connects to3.5mm stereo devices like an MP3 player or iphone. The Peltor Earcups deliver crisp clear sound for music and radio.

sena smh10r  
Sena SMH10R BlueTooth Communications System
The SMH10R BlueTooth Communications System has many amazing features including cell phone use and a 4 pilot intercom with a 900 meter range, and the ability to receive and mix in audio from almost any BlueTooth enabled device. Connecting to a non-bluetooth two-way radio requires the optional Sena SR10 BlueTooth Adaptor.
sena 20s  
Sena 20S BlueTooth Communications System

The 20S BlueTooth Communications System has many amazing features including cell phone use and an 8 pilot intercom with a 2 km range and a built in FM radio, and the ability to receive and mix in audio from almost any BlueTooth enabled device. Connecting to a non-bluetooth two-way radio requires the optional Sena SR10 BlueTooth Adaptor.

sea sr10  
Sena SR10 BlueTooth Two-Way Radio Adapter
The Sena SR10 BlueTouth Two-Way Radio Adapter enables you to use a non-BlueTooth two-way radio with your BlueTooth Com System. The SR10 connects to multiple non BlueTooth devices to create a wireless connection to Bluetooth headsets like the Sena 20S or the Sena SMH10R. Choose from a wide selection of SR10 two-way radio cables, just $17. You don't actually need a 2 way radio with Sena com systems if you plan to only use the intercom and cell phone, but you will probably want radio capability because there are so many PPG pilots who use two way radios. The SR10 also includes two AUX ports that enable you to connect additional non-Bluetooth devices such as a GPS or music player. Talk by phone and two-way radios at the same time while listening to voice guiding from GPS Navigation. Add a radio cable for $17. Radio cables also sold separately.
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