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Compare Helmets
Compare the differences in these helmets to help you choose which one is best for you.
  Icaro SkyRider TZ Horus PPG Helmet Fly UL PPG Helmet
  SkyRider TZ Horus New! Icaro Solar X
manufacturer Icaro NAC Icaro
Helmet Only $180 $265 $290
Ear Pro Earcups $215 $295 $320
NAC Standard Com $395 $460 $475
NAC Deluxe Com $475 $540 $560
Sena SMH10R BlueTooth $405 $470 $485
Sena 20S EVO BlueTooth $510 $570 $590
Sena TUFFTALK BlueTooth $635 $700 $720
certified yes yes yes
materials polycarbinate fiberglass polycarbinate
pull away earcups yes yes yes
removable liner - yes yes
air vents - yes yes
visor option visor $70 visor $70 visor $70
quick adjust chin strap yes yes yes
colors carbon carbon, pearl white carbon, green, orange, white

Materials and Style
The main differences between helmets is the shell material and the look. The SkyRider and Solar X use polycarbinate and are the lightest. The Horus adds just a little weight with increased streight and durability. All these helmets are certified safe for airsports. Typically pilots choose based on the look or price.

Pull away ear cups
These helmets have a great feature that allows you the pull the earcups away from your head, and then snap them back into place. This enables you to walk around on the ground with your helmet on and still hear people and other important sounds. It improves safety and is very convenient.

Removable Liner
Horus and Solar X helmet liners are removable and even washable. What's interesting about the Horus liners is that they determine the size and fit of the helmet. So if you ever want to lend the helmet to someone else with a different head size, just order another liner for a perfect fit. The Solar X liners are removable, but don't determine size. However, the Solar X has a variable size system built into the helmet that enables you to adjust the fit, like a rock climbing helmet, a very nice feature. The SkyRider TZ liners are not removable.

The Horus and Solar helmets have vents to improve cooling. These vents help but not enough, in our opinion, to make a decision based on vents alone. The SkyRider does not have vents.

Do you need a visor?
The cool photos of the SkyRider show off the helmet with the optional visor installed. Many pilots are confused as to whether they need a visor. In general, visors are helpful in two situations, cold weather and fast gliders. If you plan to fly in winter, a visor can help keep you warm. If you fly a fast reflex glider with speed bar, a visor keeps the wind out of your eyes, but a pair of goggles can do the same thing.

Clear versus tinted visor
The SkyRider Visor is only available in clear, unlike the Horus and Solar X visors which are available in tinted or clear. The Solar X visor is also available in short or long. When considering a tinted visor, keep in mind that a lot of paramotoring happens late and early when there's not much light. Using a clear visor with sun glasses gives you more versatility to adjust to changing light. However, if you fly all day on the beach, for example, a tinted visor helps protect you from the sun.

All these helmets offer the same 4 communitions systems to suit your needs. Compare Comms...

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