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Foot launchers must have a training harness
Practicing your ground handling is the key to foot launched paramtoring success. Think you won't need a training harness after your first solo? Wrong. If you want to continue to improve, you'll use it every chance you get. Still don't want one? You might as well get wheels. A training harness is a required purchase for most foot launch ppg courses.

Get a comfortable harness
We have tried them all. Do not waste your time with cheap or uncomfortable harnesses. The the light weight paragliding harnesses listed below are the best we've found for powered paragliding training. Since you will spend many hours ground handling, you want a harness that's comfortable.

Although these harnesses are flight worthy for paragliding, don't run off a hill without proper instruction. Free flight is fantastic. Please get proper instruction BEFORE you get try it.


Low hook-in means easier ground handling
These paragliding harnesses, like all PG harnesses, have low hook in points. If you are flying a paramotor with low to mid hook-ins, a paragliding harness will be close to the feel of your paramotor. If you are flying a high hook in, the paramotor will feel different, especially during reverse kiting. However, it is way easier to practice with low hook ins. Practicing with high hook in's is very difficult because you have no leverage when you are facing forward. We've found that the best way to practice is with low hook ins, even if you plan to fly a high hook in machine.

Flight Carabiners
The carabiners that come with these harnesses are real flight carabiners, used on paramotor and paragliding harnesses. If you decide to get another harness, avoid using cheap carabiners that are not flight worthy. If you get lifted off the ground and a carabiner breaks, you could be seriously injured.

oxygen 1
Ozone Oxygen 1 Harness Ozone Oxygen 1 Harness Ozone Oxygen 1 Harness Ozone Oxygen 1 Harness
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Ozone Oxygen1 Harness

The Oxygen1 Harness was designed with comfort in mind. Comfort while flying, and also while hiking. At just 1.3kg, it is light for a harness and bag combination, but features generously padded leg and back support, full adjustments, and a comfortably sized storage compartment.

Instead of having all of the leg straps permanently sewn to save a few grams, which can result in a nightmare on launch if you are trying to get into it with crampons or boots on, Ozone chose light weight aluminum plate buckles with colour coordinated leg straps for easy and safe identification. The padding on the back and inside the legs makes the Oxygen1 the lightweight harness that you can fly comfortably for hours. After all, if the wing is soarable, the harness should be as well!

  medium:   under 6 foot (185 cm)
  large:   over 6 foot (185 cm)

If you are exactly 6 foot, you can get either harness. If you are 6 foot and a heavy pilot, then get the large.

apco first III harness
apco first III harness
Apco First III Harness

Apco First III, a simple uncluttered harness for teaching or soaring flights. ABS control, and enough adjustment to fit all but the largest and very smallest of pilots. Strong, lightweight and durable. The classic starter harness. Also used for Bivouac and high mountain flights.

  - APCO quick lock buckles
  - Light: 1.6 Kg without seatplate, 2.145 Kg with seatplate
  - One size fits all with zipper expander
  - Strong and durable fabric for extreme use and long life
  - 2 stage seat plate for added comfort
  - Large rear storage compartment
  - Compatible with externally mounted rescue system

Available in Orange, Red, Yellow, or Blue.

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